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FreightViewer offers a complete digital infrastructure, enabling data automation within the system. It not only provides instant door-to-door quotes with minimal margin of error but also significantly reduces the calculation time to a few seconds.

Digitalized Service

FreightViewer allows the digitalization and automation of most processes in a logistics company. All the information needed for a shipment will be stored in the system, allowing the user to quote from door to door in just a few seconds, providing instant service to the customer.

Customized Quotes

The system categorizes customer groups based on the profit margin applied. This margin will be configured by the user, as well as the categories and characteristics of each. The quote will be calculated taking into account the chosen profit margin, personalizing the price for each customer.

Interconnected Systems

FreightViewer is available to all network members at no additional cost, allowing all agents to communicate under the same platform. This interaction enables smooth communication between agents through automatic notifications and alerts sent by the platform.

LCL Shipco Rates

FreightViewer provides direct access to LCL rates offered by the cargo consolidator Shipco. The combination of information provided by Shipco, along with all the tools available in the software, allows quoting in just a few seconds with real-time rates and departures.

Flexible System

FreightViewer allows adapting the quote to the specific conditions of the shipment easily and immediately. All changes introduced are recalculated and automatically included in the quote document or email, which can be sent as many times as necessary.

Customer Tracking

FreightViewer includes a link in each generated quote through which customers can provide an immediate response in a simple and intuitive way. This link also provides information on how many times the quote has been visited by the customer and the date of the visits.

The development of the FreightViewer transportation management system within the context of a global logistics network is crucial for international business development. The coverage offered by Conqueror, along with the integrated digital technology in FreightViewer, provides key connections for network agents.

Digital Strategy

The digital impact on the logistics industry in recent years has been considerable. Major multinational companies in the sector are working to improve their digital tools. Therefore, establishing a strong digital strategy within small and medium-sized companies in the sector is essential to compete with multinational companies.

International Network

International shipments function as a chain with different points that must intercommunicate. Developing a digital strategy in isolation makes no sense in the logistics industry. FreightViewer is directly offered to Conqueror members, allowing them to achieve international connections within a comprehensive digitalized platform.

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