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Freight Forwardes Network Solutions organizes three annual conventions that bring together agents from each network in one place, who understand that mutual cooperation is the key to success. The network agents are the most important part of the conventions, and our wish is that the investment in the events is fruitful for their companies.


The Cooperative

What are the goals to achieve in the conventions organized by FFNS?

Face to Face

Personally meet agents from anywhere in the world


Promote companies and develop reciprocal business


Appreciate the quality of network members


In-depth knowledge about the internal workings of networks

All agents gathered in one place

During the annual conventions, network members come together in one place, saving transportation costs as well as absences from their office.

Instead of traveling to different countries where their partners reside, they only need to travel to one location to establish business and connect with the rest of the network companies.

Establishing Solid Business Relationships

The Annual Conventions are the time to promote your company in an international environment, close contracts with any of the hundreds of agents, and establish long-term relationships.

The Annual Conventions are undoubtedly the greatest advantage that network members can take advantage of, so it is essential for agents to attend the events.

Infinite Opportunities

During the events, two days of individual meetings will be organized, which can be scheduled in advance through each network's specific platform. In addition to these official meetings, there will be time for relaxed encounters that will help establish business relationships.

Whether during the cocktail, during meals, or during breaks, there will be numerous opportunities to engage in conversation and business!