797 Members · 150 Countries · 50.806 Employees

What you get if accepted as a member of Freight Forwarders Network Solutions:


Exclusive and Semi-Exclusive Territories

Freight Forwarders Network Solutions (FFNS) accepts an agent exclusively for each of the 472 main ports and airports worldwide in the Globalia and Conqueror networks. The Cooperative is a semi-exclusive network with a maximum of three members per main port or airport.


Definition and Assignment of Geographical Areas

To define geographical areas within the same country, avoiding territorial conflicts, each network integrates the Agent Finder tool. Users only need to enter the city of pickup or destination, and the system will show the designated agent for that geographical area. It is an exclusive tool for members of the three networks.


Business Development

Members of the three networks commit to handling their shipments preferably with network agents, promoting business development among members. This commitment is periodically reviewed by the FFNS headquarters. Agents take on the shipments of other network agents, exponentially increasing their business volume.


Trusted Partners

All members accessing networks operated by FFNS are carefully selected through a rigorous selection process. This process analyzes the financial situation of the company, its reputation, credibility, business volume, or competitiveness in the market. Agents must adhere to strict rules established for each of the networks, developing a business model in a secure environment.


Profiles Associated with Each Company

Each company will have its own profile, protected by a password within the intranet of its network. This profile will contain information related to the services offered by the agent, contact details, website, number of employees, location, and photographs of the office and team. It will also include local expenses and financial information about the company.


Digital Freight Forwarder

Members of the networks will have exclusive and free access to the transportation management system developed by FFNS, FreightViewer. The system offers a complete digital infrastructure that allows agents to quote in just a few seconds, sell their rates instantly to network agents, and design their own website.


Instant Quotations

Network agents will publish their local, maritime, and air expenses, both origin and destination, on their company profile. Network agents will have access to the uploaded rates, enabling quick quoting. This information results in a transparent business formula without surprises.


Payment Protection Program

The payment policy developed by FFNS promotes compliance and punctuality in payments. The central headquarters establishes a set of rules that must be followed by member companies. Agents will have access to a payment protection program that they can benefit from in case of non-payment.

Global Brand

International Brand

Freight Forwarders Network Solutions provides its agents with a global image that, combined with worldwide coverage, will optimize their competitiveness in the market and compete with market multinationals. Marketing campaigns developed by FFNS promote companies globally.

Protocols and Forms

Standardized Protocols and Forms

Internal communications within the networks are based on standardized protocols and forms, facilitating intercommunications. These communication channels promote business between agents, provide an immediate response to requests, and facilitate the distribution of profit margins. The entire protocol is managed and supported by a dispute resolution service.

Largest Contracts

Secure the Best Contracts

Being a member of an international logistics network with coverage in the major ports and airports worldwide provides sufficient tools to secure large-scale import and export businesses, with the assurance of meeting required objectives.

Lower Rates

Competitive Rates

The negotiation capacity of air and sea freight rates for agents significantly increases as they belong to a network with a large volume of companies and international business capacity. This allows network agents to obtain competitive market rates.

Effective Digital Tools

Effective Digital Tools

Cargo tracking system (real-time tracking of containers, air shipments, etc.) and maritime line departures (ETD, ETA).

Annual Meeting

Annual Convention

Freight Forwarders Network Solutions organizes three annual conventions for each network, fostering and improving business and communication among agents.


Free Marketing and Promotion Service for FFNS Agents

Customized Brochure

A personalized PDF is provided for each company, which can be sent to clients and agents.

PowerPoint Presentation

Each company can request its personalized presentation from the network's team.

Customized Website

An intuitive and accessible website provides members with the necessary online positioning.

Customized Video

Members are provided with a personalized video to offer to clients and partners.