797 Members · 150 Countries · 50.806 Employees

Freight Forwarders Network Solutions, FFNS, was founded in 2009 with the vision of building international networks formed by small and medium-sized independent freight forwarders who share the common strategy and goal of joining forces to collectively increase their business volume, reduce risks/costs, and compete on an equal footing in an industry clearly dominated by large multinationals.

The small fish facing the big one

Over these 15 years, we have become the world's largest exclusive network, bringing together, associating, and assisting more than 797 SME freight forwarders in 150 countries to digitize and internationalize, exponentially increasing their business volume, reducing costs, minimizing risks, and thereby improving their global competitiveness.

Mega-Freight Forwarders

The "mega-freight forwarders" generally handle about 30% of the cargo volume generated by their own commercial action and 70% of shipments routed through their network of offices worldwide. Their recognized brand image and global presence help them establish business with major accounts and negotiate the most competitive rates with carriers.

Independent Freight Forwarders

SME freight forwarders depend almost exclusively on their own commercial action. Business routed by international agents is marginal. Sometimes, they are forced to work with unknown agents, risking the service provided to their clients. A globally consolidated network of independent freight forwarders allows them to receive routed business, work securely, and reduce costs by negotiating collectively with carriers.

The FFNS Formula

The formula of Freight Forwarders Network Solutions

Our members commit to working with the agents that make up our global network, carefully selected and sharing reciprocal strategic vision within a collaborative economy ecosystem. Agents exponentially increase their business volume immediately upon joining our networks.

Elite Certified

Networks with Elite Quality Network Certificate

The three networks operated by FFNS SLU have been recognized with the quality certificate by the only independent control, ELITE Association of Logistic Networks (ELITE).

ELITE examines which networks can offer proven quality service, bringing diligence and transparency to the logistics industry.